Drum Tracks

Get Steph's drum tracks for your recording. Steph works from his home studio and records with Digital Performer 9, Slate Digital Plugins, a Yamaha DM1000 mixer, a Motu 828mk3 interface plugged in optical cables with Genelec speakers/subwoofer as reference. Your tracks can be delivered raw and unmixed, or with Steph’s sound ‘burned’ into it. You will receive 12 tracks, one for each microphone sent via Dropbox. The steps are simple.

  • Send your material
  • Book a Skype meeting to talk about your vision, needs and time frame for your project
  • Buy the session


  • Beta52 and Beta91- Bass Drum
  • Yamaha SubKick
  • SM57 - Snare top and bottom
  • Beta96 - Toms and Floor Toms
  • KSM137 - Hi-hats
  • KSM141 - Over Heads
  • KSM44 - Room


  • Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple with a Recording Custom Aluminium Snare Drum


We could talk about Stéphane's talent without ever having an ending, the main reason for doing business with him behind the drum kit .... But the most wonderful surprise is once you know the person behind the drums. Stéphane is someone extremely positive, professional, warm, understanding, motivated and so on! My experience with him has been exceptionally satisfying and my expectations have been far exceeded, to a level that I would not have suspected.

  • Samuel Emond Gaudreault - Bass Player

Stephane's work impresses me every time I work with him. The quality of his playing, his creativity as well as his constant research in order to bring the musical product to another level make him one of the best drummers I know. We recorded the drums for my last album in his studio and I have no words to describe the professional and stunning quality of this recording. Stéphane has been working for several years to make his studio as efficient as possible and I must say it shows. He managed to take my project to another level.

  • Carl Mayotte - Bass Player (The Carl Mayotte Fusion Quintet)