Steph builds personalized programs for each student based on their level, goals, and desire. All programs/courses can be combined at different percentages to ensure success and positive results within a precise time frame to meet individual needs. It's also possible to get targeted coaching to address specific interests or problem areas. Courses are offered and adapted to all levels and for all ages.

The Reading Course

The reading course will teach you how to read rhythms and prepare you for future drumset and music charts. If you just want to be able to write your own charts and read basic notation or even if you want to become a professional reader, this program is for you. From the more classical charts, to rudimental marching pieces, to modern pieces and even going back to the "Berger Notation" and Basel drumming, you will become confident that your new abilities will boost your playing and musical ideas to the next level. It's also possible to include some general music theory to make you able to work with lead sheets and other instrument charts or to prepare for an audition.

The Technique Course

The technique course is one of the most important for your development as a drummer and musician to be able to express yourself to the fullest and prevent injuries. Steph studied with master technicians such as Dom Famularo and Jim Chapin and became one of their top students. Many must-have drum books are part of this program. You will start on the practice pad in front of a mirror learning history and formal/informal motions from the late Moeller, Lawrence Stone, and Gladstone while also going into the modern variations and Steph's personal adaptations and extensions. Rudiments/Collapsed Rudiments are a big part of this section. Foot technique is similar to hand technique and will be studied as well. The goal is to learn and strengthen all the techniques first, and then combine them for use in a musical context. You will apply them to the drumset and find your own sound and motions based on natural concepts to avoid the pain and injuries that often follow poor technique.

The drumset development Course

The drumset development course is based on developing independence and coordination. The drumset being a particularly physical instrument, needs work and muscle memory to let your musical ideas flow. This course will push your physical limits with a lot of practical and challenging exercises. From Ostinatos to hand/foot combinations, you will have fun. Once you have the physical abilities down combined with a great technical and reading facility, you will be astounded by what you'll be able to create and play right on the spot.

Styles/Vocabulary development course

The Style/Vocabulary development course will introduce you to and develop the foundation of different styles of music like Jazz, Funk, Brazilian, Cuban, World, Pop, Rock, etc. Steph utilizes more than 50 different books to help with this process. The skills learned in the other sections will help a lot with this program. You will be able to play with the assistance of play-along materials and you'll be able to specialize in a selected style or just become more knowledgeable to incorporate something new into your own style. You'll also get a reference to great videos and albums to train your ears and learn the vocabulary. It's a real immersion. Transcriptions are also used to gain an understanding of the thinking of drummers in all genres. If you want to become a freelance drummer or just for your own general knowledge, you will find this course rich and motivating.

The Music Performance Course

The Music Performance course is more contextual. This is why we work hard on the other courses; to put everything together here to work specifically on the music. Sometimes we start here to find the challenges and go back to other courses. Learn how to approach a chart or a transcription. Steph records the performances and takes the time to review all the details with each student. This course includes sight reading, interpreting, groove, time, time feel, precision tools, fluidity, soloing, musical forms, taking musical decisions, etc... This course will blow your mind!


Currently, Stephane teaches around fifty students from eight different countries. Additionally, students travel to Quebec, Canada, to receive private lessons. Intensive sessions are available, with options ranging from one to six hours per day. Live and private Online courses are also offered, ensuring exceptional audio quality and HD multi-angle images from the studio's webcams, no matter where you are. Stéphane uses platforms like Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Meet to connect with students worldwide. Instruction rate is $100CAD -  $80USD per hour. Courses are prepaid at the beginning of each month.


Here's what I wrote in 2015: It only takes a moment to discover that studying with Stephane is going to be something special. Within minutes, Steph can highlight areas that could use more attention and provides instruction that immediately addresses those areas.  With a little time and a little conversation, Stephane is able to put together an entire study program based on your needs and desires that is sure to take your drumming to a higher level than you ever imagined possible. Not only is Stephane an excellent teacher in the craft of drumming but he also incites – or re-ignites – the passion for drumming that is what takes the craft and turns it into art. Stephane is the instructor who can show you how to learn to focus your desire and express your art. Steph travels the world giving demonstrations, Master Camps, and lessons, and now is your chance to have your own one-on-one Master Camp spent in the luxury of Steph’s Wizdom Drumshed Quebec studio. Whether you are a beginner or professional, I unreservedly recommend Stephane Chamberland as one of the finest teachers you are ever likely to encounter. I traveled halfway around the world for my first lessons and I’m already making plans for my next visit. Since then, I’ve continued to study every month with Stephane, and even took lessons two years in a row with him at his NYC studio. Whenever I return to Canada, I never fail to book a few days for face-to-face lessons with Stephane at his studio in Quebec City. After all these years, I can’t honestly claim to being Steph’s best student, but I can say that he makes me feel like I am.

Mike Holmes - Miyazaki City (Japan)

I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to study drums with Stephane Chamberland for over 10 months. Stephane is a world class drummer/educator playing in multiple excellent bands, recording albums, and session work. Stephane is an outstanding teacher/ mentor for all levels and has taught me in a positive way, the skills and concepts to help me reach my drumming goals and take me to the next level in Drum Technique, Funk /Fusion, Jazz, Latin, Musicianship and Performance. I have had an amazing time studying with Stephane and would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in becoming the best drummer they can be.

David Walker - Toronto (Canada)

I’ve had such a positive response with so many people that I’ve played with since learning from Stephane. People love that I’m so diverse in genres and there’s a “je ne sais quoi” about the sound my playing makes. I can credit this to Stephane’s rich knowledge in technique and professional sound, as well as his highly positive teaching method.

Eyal Gleanz - Montréal (Canada)

Studying with Stephane is always a blast. I can see my progress. Aside technical skills, theory and that usual stuff that make out for drum lessons, he keeps on giving me very rewarding advice. Each lesson is tailored on different aspects of drumming. Stephane will find those little unnoticed details in my playing and help me realize big improvements, I can continually see my growth since lesson one which in return is very motivating. His coaching is an excellent complement to my Drumeo online lessons.

Robert Lord - Montréal (Canada)

In 2016, I decided to go to Quebec to meet Stéphane, in order to work the drums several hours a day for a week. During this first stay, Stéphane gave me a lot of good advice, whether on the instrument or on managing a career, as well as on the different ways of exposing yourself as a musician. In 2017, I renew the adventure and return to France with the firm intention of developing my skills and throwing myself 100% into music. Stéphane knew how to find the right words to motivate me and make me aware of my potential. Stéphane has always been there when I had questions on such and such a subject and has always ensured a follow-up even outside of class. Since the years 2016-2017, I opened my drum school and now teaches about fifty students a week. Success is there and Stéphane has largely contributed to it.

Jean-Sébastien Rouy - France

It is extremely rare to meet a personality like Stephane. He is not only an exceptional drummer but he also knows how to put himself fully at the service of his students through his rich and innumerable interpersonal skills. Attentive, understanding, positive, in constant search of progress to better share his excellence and his discoveries, all this by transmitting his joy and an ultra communicative energy. Among other things, it caused a click in me that changed my relationship to the instrument and therefore to the sound produced. I could never have imagined making my drums sound like this.

Florian Billot - France

Five years ago, I wanted to change my way of playing. I felt that my hands were stuck and that I couldn't advance technically. That's when I got in touch with a friend who would change my way of playing. This mentor is Stephane Chamberland. Thanks to him, my hands and my ease on the drums have completely changed. It may seem trivial, but I feel much less "stuck" when playing.It's important to take lessons to improve, but it's also important to have someone who can take you further. Change can take time, but it doesn't matter if you want to play for a long time!

Gaétan Paquette - Quebec City

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