Recording Custom
Absolute Hybrid Maple


Snare Drum: Coated Ambassador batter and Clear Ambassador Resonant
Toms: Coated Ambassador or Clear Ambassador batter and Clear Ambassador Resonant
Bass Drum: Power Stroke 3 Clear or Coated
Snare Muffling: Remo Active Dampening System
Bass Drum Muffling: Remo Drum Muffling System and Adjustable Bass Drum Dampener


16” HHX Evolution Crash
14” HHX Legacy Hats
20" Artisan Elite Ride with Rivets
21" HHX Legacy Heavy Ride with rivet
21" Dominator Dom Famularo Chinese
17” HHX Evolution Effeks Crash
10" HHX Evolution Splash
18" Chick Corea Ride


Beta52 and Beta91- Bass Drum
SM57 - Snare Drum
Beta96 or Beta27 - Toms and Floor Toms
KSM141 or KSM144 - Over Heads
SM81 - Hi-Hats
In-ear SE535


Prologix ALLN1 by Russ Miller
Practikit Practice Pad Set
Method Practice Pad


Paul Brochu Signature Sticks, Rute 505, Steve Gadd Brushes, SD12 Swizzle G Mallets


AirTurn TAP


Stephane is an internationally recognized drummer, clinician, educator, and author. He is currently freelancing with numerous bands, touring and recording. He is also the drummer of The Carl Mayotte Fusion Quintet. Steph has presented hundreds of drum clinics and master classes in the United States, Canada, Taiwan, Europe, Brazil, and China. Steph has performed at the Cape Breton Drum Festival 2008(Nova Scotia), the Taipei International Percussion Summer Camp 2008/2009 (Taipei National University of the Arts), the Da Dong Tian Xia Music Concert 2008 (Shanghai Grand Theatre), the Batuka International Drum Festival 2013 (Brazil), the Shanghai International Percussion Camp 2008(Shanghai), the Benny Lim SG Drum Academy (Singapore), the Capitale DrumFest 2015 (Quebec City), the Chris Lesso Drum School (Toronto), the Drumming Lab (Paris). Steph has also appeared at Drumeo in 2019 (Vancouver), at the KoSA 24 Drum & Percussion Camp 2019 (Montréal), at the Drumeo North American Live Hang 2022 (Toronto, Ontario), and the Angelillo International Drumfest 2022, among many others.

Stephane maintains a busy private teaching schedule, coaching students from many countries online and at his studios, located in Quebec City (Canada). Students from all around the world come for intense, unique and personalized programs. Stephane has studied drumset with many renowned teachers from around the globe including Dom FamularoJim ChapinPaul BrochuRick GrattonRobby AmeenJeff SalemPaul DeLongJoe BergaminiJohn FavicchiaAldo Mazza, Memo AcevedoEduardo GuedesRichard IrwinClaus Hessler, David Garibaldi and Frank Belluci. He attended the Manhattan School of Music to study with John Riley and Bobby Sanabria, and also studied at the Conservatory of Music in Quebec City.

Steph’s interests in writing and education have led him to become very active in the music publishing world. He is the co-author of the books The Weaker SideAccenting The Weaker Side, Drumset Duets, and Pedal Control (Wizdom Media – Alfred Publishing). Stephane also edited the latest editions of the worldwide number one drum books, Stick Control, and Accents and Rebounds, by George Lawrence Stone. He wrote articles for various magazines such as Modern Drummer, Canadian Musician and Percussive Notes. He was also featured in Drums Etc and Classic Drummer Magazine. Stephane is also a judge and mentor for The Sabian SEN Dom Famularo Mentorship Award. Steph endorses Yamaha Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Remo Drumheads, Prologix Percussion and Vic Firth Sticks.

Jazz at The Quebec Summer Festival

We had the incredible opportunity to perform at the Québec Summer Festival on the Crave stage. It was an honor to be part of such a legendary festival, and we were thrilled to introduce fusion jazz to this prestigious event. We are humbled and excited to continue our journey with the Carl Mayotte Fusion Quintet.

Back at Lac-Mégantic

We had an amazing time performing with The Carl Mayotte Trio in front of the beautiful scenery at Lac-Mégantic for the 'Concert Entre Chien et Loup.' Thank you to everyone who came to see us. We will be back!

Niagara Jazz Festival

Back from the Niagara Jazz Festival with The Carl Mayotte Quintet. Thanks to Jeff on camera for the picture, the organization, and all the 100 people who came and made it a full house.

Drumeo released our new workouts

Drumeo has just released two workout videos I recorded with the incredible Carl Mayotte on bass: Groove Timing and Drum Fill Timing. These workouts are designed to immerse you in our musical universe, helping you practice alongside us to identify whether you have a tendency to rush or slow down. You can repeat the workouts as many times as needed until your timing is flawless.

Show with Marcin

Full house last night with Marcin at Palais Montcalm. This event was part of his international tour, which has him coming back from Japan and Europe before heading to the United States. Thank you to everyone who came, the entire crew, and, of course, my partner in crime, Carl Mayotte.

Montreal Intense Drumday 2024

The Montreal Intense Drumming Day is back for its 10th edition, and this time, Daniel Bédard and I are thrilled to announce our special guest: the legendary drummer for Tower Of Power, David Garibaldi Music.

Reservation at danielbedard27@gmail.com

Back at Drumeo

At Drumeo shooting some lessons with the great Carl Mayotte about how to play with a bass player. Stay tuned!

Touring various Conservatories

We are delighted to announce that the Carl Mayotte Fusion Quintet has been touring various conservatories around Quebec City. Our unprecedented goal is to unite jazz and classical music by performing pieces from our latest album, Carnaval with the students! Check out the calendar to come see the shows.

Modern Drummer December 2023

This edition pays tribute to Dom Famularo and presents some inspiring stories of moments experienced with him. In the educational section, you'll find an article about one of Steph's co-authored books, 'The Weaker Side.' In the spirit of his wisdom, let's continue our journey 'Onward and Upward'.

Clinic at Metronomie

An immense thank you to everyone who attended and to the incredible hosts of Métronomie in Rimouski. Special gratitude to Nico Vaillancourt for the invitation and to Émile for flawlessly managing the sound, lights, and stage preparation. A huge shoutout to Ryan Hamilton from Yamaha Canada for making this event possible and to all my sponsors for their generous contributions towards the gifts offered. Among the 35 participants, six were fortunate enough to win fantastic prizes.

A new album for The Carl Mayotte Quintet

The new album Carnaval is finally available. A musical journey between classical, jazz fusion, and Brazilian music. More than 15 talented musicians have contributed to this album, playing an essential role in its success. We hope you enjoy and feel our passion in the music.

The Montréal Intense Drumday 2023

The Montréal Intense Drum Day 2023 with John Riley was a success. Thanks to the 30 students who attended and to Daniel Bédard for the great collaboration. A big thanks to my sponsors as well for the amazing prices. See you next year!

Modern Drummer august 2023

You can find two of Steph's articles in the August and Septembre editions of Modern Drummer Magazine. Visit the article page to see even more articles Steph wrote for the magazine throughout the years. Don't forget to subscribe to the magazine for even more amazing content.

New Book with Hudson Music

The Ultimate Jazz Fusion Play-Along for Drums, by Stephane Chamberland, invites you to develop your musicality, reading, soloing over hits, grooves, and chops by playing along to Carl Mayotte’s challenging fusion compositions. This digital book comes with detailed, real-world charts and play-along tracks. Study Stephane Chamberland’s challenging drum parts to these advanced fusion tunes, then try your hand at playing them. The tracks come in “with click” and “no click” versions to allow you to work on your time feel. A note-for-note drum transcription of the song “Chasse à L’homme” is included to challenge your drumming. The charts contain elements of jazz, funk, rock, shuffle, Brazilian and Cuban music incorporated into challenging arrangements. There are also sections with odd time signatures.

A follow Up to The Weaker Side with Dom Famularo and Nina Para

Accenting the Weaker Side, by Nina Pará, Stephane Chamberland, and Dom Famularo, is focused on developing control, strength, and facility with the weaker hand and foot for drum set playing. Conceived as a follow-up book to The Weaker Side (Dom Famularo and Stephane Chamberland) and Accents and Rebounds (George Lawrence Stone), Accenting the Weaker Side provides an intensive one-year program to build strength with the weaker hand/foot.