Lessons in New York (USA)

Students travel from all over the world to take private lessons in New York City with Stephane. Intensive days and weeks are popular and lessons from one to six hours per day can be booked. Steph builds a personalized program for each student that includes technique, reading, all music styles, and personal career coaching. Arrangements can be made for Steph to travel to your home or studio of choice, and he also has access to a number of studios located around Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island for your convenience.

Lessons in Quebec City (Canada)wizdom

Steph also offers private lessons in his Canadian studio. The studios is also an accredited Wizdom Drumshed and offers the most productive teaching environment possible to aspiring students. A new and modern way of teaching using the highest technology and educational programs on the planet, right now.

HD Private Skype Lessons

Take a live drum lesson with Steph wherever you are in the world. You will need a web cam and a good internet connection. Be ready to learn and love this new learning process! The goal is to deliver the best sound and image from the studio to the students. The drums sounds comes directly from the mixer and interface so the quality is impecable! Steph also uses wireless Shure in-ears and Lavalier microphone to be free to move from one section to another and to get a really clear sound for his voice. You will be blown away with the three HD web cams used during each lesson. The studio is subdivised in four sections; The big drums for all styles, the jazz drum, the technique section with pads and the reading section with the marching snare drum. Steph uses the Ipad to take notes and send the detailled lesson info and advice to the student after the session. Skype lessons are a big success and Steph is presently teaching student from, Japan, Italy, Europe,Thailand, Brazil, USA and Canada. During the lessons, you will be able to see three different angles. The feet view, the front view and the top view.


Instruction rates are $80USD per hour. A special deal of $73CAN per hour can be applied for in-person lessons in Quebec City (Canada). Courses are prepaid at the beginning of each month. We accept cash, bank transfer by e-mail (Canada), Paypal or credit cards in person at the studios.

Student Testimonials

Mike Holmes Japan

"It only takes a moment to discover that studying with Stephane is going to be something special. Within minutes, Steph can highlight areas that could use more attention and provides instruction that immediately addresses those areas.  With a little time and a little conversation, Stephane is able to put together an entire study program based on your needs and desires that is sure to take your drumming to a higher level than you ever imagined possible. Not only is Stephane an excellent teacher in the craft of drumming but he also incites – or re-ignites – the passion for drumming that is what takes the craft and turns it into art. Stephane is the instructor who can show you how to learn to focus your desire and express your art. Steph travels the world giving demonstrations, Master Camps, and lessons, and now is your chance to have your own one-on-one Master Camp spent in the luxury of Steph’s Wizdom Drumshed Quebec studio. Whether you are a beginner or professional, I unreservedly recommend Stephane Chamberland as one of the finest teachers you are ever likely to encounter. I traveled halfway around the world for my first lessons and I’m already making plans for my next visit."

Martin Hernandez Mexico

"Taking lessons with Steph has been a great journey. It doesn’t matter if you are starting or if you are already an advance drummer from the first lesson you will start to improve greatly. He will take your skills to the next level in a very friendly and organized way, The lessons will take you step by step to your goals and with all the high tech equipment that he uses you can see very clearly every angle and it sounds great. Without a doubt he is an amazing drummer and teacher and I’m grateful with him for all the knowledge and advices that he has gave me."

Nina Para Brazil

"I met Stephane in 2013 and since then have been studying with him. He provides high quality lessons, an enormous knowledge of the drums, a huge content, great patience, and persistence in seeing the student learn. I recommend his lessons for every student at any level."

Michael Scott Canada

"As an educator and a student, it is important to me to connect and study with people who are not only accomplished musicians, but share the same passion and dedication to mastering the craft of music. My experiences with Stephane have not only challenged me, but his positively and constant encouragement have guided me to achieve amazing results. Stephane is generous with his time and always follows up beyond the scheduled lesson to ensure that you truly receive the attention and guidance that you need. It is an honour and privilege to call him my teacher and friend."

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