Based out of Quebec City, the Stephane Chamberland Jazz Quartet is Steph’s main original music project. An instrumental jazz fusion group playing original arrangements, the group is complemented by guitarist Jonathan Hains, Saxophonist Yanis Steprans  and bassist Frédéric Vermette. The Quartet is available for booking anywhere with a more standard setlist for private parties or more intimate venues and with their more complex original material for festivals and larger shows. The Quartet also often accompanies Steph as he travels performing drum clinics.

Stephane Chamberland's Setup

Mapex Black Panther Drums, Blaster & Velvetone

  • 1. 14 x 5.5” Retrosonic Snare Drum
  • 2. 16 x 14” Floor
  • 3. 12 x 8” Tom
  • 4. 14 x 12” Floor
  • 5. 10 x 7” Tom
  • 6. 18 x 16” Bass Drum

Evans Drumheads

  • UV1, G1 or Calftone on Snare Drums
  • Calftone on tops of Toms
  • J1 Coated on bottoms of all Toms
  • Hazy 300 on bottoms of Snare Drums
  • EQ4 (Coated/Clear) or Calftone on Bass Drum
  • Calftone on front of Bass Drum

Sabian Cymbals

  • A. Sabian Crescent 22” Distressed Ride
  • B. Sabian 14” HH Big and Ugly King Hats
  • C. Sabian 10” AAX Air Splash
  • D. Sabian Crescent 22” Element Ride
  • E. Sabian 16” HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash
  • F. Sabian 22” Custom Shop Flat Ride with an 8” HHX Splash (top)

Shure Microphones

  • Shure Beta-52A for the Bass Drum
  • Shure Beta-98AMP/C for Toms or Beta-27
  • Shure SM-57 or Beta-56A for the Snare Drums
  • Shure KSM-44A/SL or KSM-141, KSM 137/SL as Over Heads
  • Shure In-Ear Monitors P6HW
  • Shure Earphones SE535


Steph uses Promark Sticks and all Gonbops Bells and Percussions.

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