Live Shows

Contact Steph for freelance drum and percussion support on a one-time, short-term, or long-term recurring contract basis. Stephane plays many styles, including: Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Blues, Rock, Pop, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian (Latin), and World Music. Stephane can sight read music on the performance but is also available for rehearsal as may be required. He is able to work from existing drum or music charts or can transcribe and create his own charts as needed.

Studio Work

You can hire Steph to perform on your record or any other recording projects. For your recording needs, Stephane can provide state-of-the-art drum and percussion tracking from his studio in Quebec City, Canada, to wherever you are or can come directly to you. Steph works with a professional sound engineer always there for recording sessions to ensure the quality of all tracks.

As Stephane’s reputation for professionalism and dynamic performance has grown, he has become an in-demand drummer. His monthly schedule for presenting, teaching, and performing fills up quickly but please do not hesitate to contact Stephane and find out how he can support you and your musical vision.

Recent Freelance Work

Just in the course of the past two years, in addition to playing with his own jazz quartet, Steph has played with many artists including: Colin Hunter, Jordane Labrie, The Christian Pare World Ensemble, Kabir Kouba Band, Roxane de Lafontaine, Mathieu Fiset Trio, The Phonethemental Band, The T.A.M. Band, The What's Up Band, Flavia Nasciemento Brazilian Quartet, The Tone Call Band, The Tree Spirit Band, Yann Brassard, The Black Coffees Band, The Rosheen Celtic Band, Trois Fois Jazz, The K-Lo Band, The, Les Jumelles Barabé (TV Show The Voice in Quebec), The Private Club Band, The Fat Cats Band, The Julian Gutierrez Trio and Quintet, The Janis Steprans Quartet and many more.

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