Snare Drum: 14" x 5.5”
Tom 1: 10" x 7”
Tom 2: 12" x 8”
Floor 1: 14" x 12”
Floor 2: 16" x 14”
Bass Drum: 18”, 20” or 22”


Snare Drum: G1, Hazy 300
Toms: G1 Coated or G1 Clear, Genera Resonant
Bass Drum: EQ4 (Coated/Clear), EQ3 Resonant


Stephane Chamberland Promark Signature Stick


16” HHX Evolution Crash
14” HHX Legacy Hats
17" HHX Evolution Crash
20” HHX Legacy Ride (right)
17” HHX Evolution Effeks Crash
10” AAX O-Zone Splash
10" HHX Evolution Splash
18" Chick Corea Ride (Left)
22" Crescent Hammertone Chinese
7” HHX Splash


Beta52 and Beta91- Bass Drum
SM57 - Snare Drum
Beta96 or Beta27 - Toms and Floor Toms
KSM141 or KSM144 - Over Heads
SM81 - Hi-Hats
In-ear SE535

The Carl Mayotte Fusion Quintet

Steph is proud to join The Carl Mayotte Fusion Quintet with Carl Mayotte on bass, Gabriel Cyr on guitar, Françis Grégoire on Piano and Damien-Jade Cyr on sax. Their debut album was recorded at Michel Cusson's studio. Check out Steph's calendar to catch the band in action near you.

Mathieu Fiset and The RoboJazz Band

Steph is also part of The Mathieu Fiset's RoboJazz Band with Mathieu Fiset on Keyboard and Vocoder, Carl Mayotte on bass, Simon Doyon on Sax and Olivier Madore-Millette on Organ. From Jazz to world music passing by some progressive influences, the band will surprise you with intense improvisations and great arrangements of Mathieu's original material.