No one can imagine the heights to which he will bring the craft of drumming to in the future. Steph is the best student I have seen here.JIM CHAPIN - 2003


Internationally recognized drummerclinicianeducator, and author, Stephane Chamberland has performed and recorded with numerous musicians playing hundreds of live shows. Known to be a versatile drummer – performing, reading, and writing all styles of music – Stephane is currently playing with his own jazz Quartet while freelancing with about 30 bands/year. 

As a clinician, Steph has presented hundreds of clinics and master classes in stores, schools, camps, and festivals in the U.S., Canada, Taiwan, Brazil, and China over the past ten years. He has performed at the Canadian Cape Breton Drum Festival, the Taipei International Percussion Summer Camp (Taipei National University of the Arts), the Da Dong Tian Xia Music Concert (Shanghai Grand Theatre), The Batuka International Drum Festival in Brazil, and the Shanghai International Percussion Camp just to name a few. He also presented clinics at The Benny Lim SG Drum Academy in Singapore, at The Capitale DrumFest in Québec City, at the Chris Lesso drum school in Toronto and at the Drumming Lab in Paris.

Stephane maintains a busy private teaching schedule on Skype and in-person, coaching students from 12 different countries. Steph's studios, located in Quebec City, Canada, and New York City, are state-of-the-art teaching and recording facilities where drummers from all over the world come to study. Steph has also been working with companies such as Mapex DrumsEvans DrumheadsPromark Sticks and Sabian Cymbals to develop and support various educational programs.

Stephane has studied drumset with many renowned teachers from around the globe including Dom FamularoJim ChapinRick Gratton, Robby Ameen, Jeff SalemPaul DeLongJoe BergaminiJohn FavicchiaAldo Mazza, Eduardo Guedes, Richard IrwinClaus Hessler, and Frank Belluci. He attended the Manhattan School of Music to study with John Riley and Bobby Sanabria, and also studied at the Conservatory of Music in Quebec City.

Steph’s interests in writing and education have led him to become very active in the music publishing world. He is the co-author of the books The Weaker SideDrumset Duets, and Pedal Control with Dom Famularo and Joe Bergamini (Wizdom Media – Alfred Publishing). He has worked on the book Drumset for Beginners (Alfred Publishing) with Paul Hose and Jim Farey. Stephane also edited the latest editions of the worldwide number one drum books, Stick Control, and Accents and Rebounds, by George Lawrence Stone.

Steph has represented Alfred Publishing at the NAMM show in California and remains a contributing writer for Modern DrummerDrums EtcCanadian MusicianPercussive Notes, and Classic Drummer magazine.



Steph offers private lessons and coaching for all levels of drumming in his studio or by Skype (online live drum lessons). If you live in or are visiting the Quebec City area (Canada), private instruction is available. There are also programs for drummers worldwide who wish to travel for intensive study or wish to study via Internet. Students have been travelling and connecting from all around the world to study with Stephane. The studio is not only a recording studio but also the only accredited Wizdom Drumshed in Canada that offers the most productive teaching environment possible to aspiring students. The studio was created in partnership with Dom Famularo’s original Wizdom Drumshed in Long Island New York and uses the same educational material and concepts. A new and modern way of teaching using the highest technology and educational programs on the planet, right now.

Student Testimonials

Mike Holmes Japan

"It only takes a moment to discover that studying with Stephane is going to be something special. Within minutes, Steph can highlight areas that could use more attention and provides instruction that immediately addresses those areas.  With a little time and a little conversation, Stephane is able to put together an entire study program based on your needs and desires that is sure to take your drumming to a higher level than you ever imagined possible. Not only is Stephane an excellent teacher in the craft of drumming but he also incites – or re-ignites – the passion for drumming that is what takes the craft and turns it into art. Stephane is the instructor who can show you how to learn to focus your desire and express your art. Steph travels the world giving demonstrations, Master Camps, and lessons, and now is your chance to have your own one-on-one Master Camp spent in the luxury of Steph’s Wizdom Drumshed Quebec studio. Whether you are a beginner or professional, I unreservedly recommend Stephane Chamberland as one of the finest teachers you are ever likely to encounter. I traveled halfway around the world for my first lessons and I’m already making plans for my next visit."

Martin Hernandez Mexico

"Taking lessons with Steph has been a great journey. It doesn’t matter if you are starting or if you are already an advance drummer from the first lesson you will start to improve greatly. He will take your skills to the next level in a very friendly and organized way, The lessons will take you step by step to your goals and with all the high tech equipment that he uses you can see very clearly every angle and it sounds great. Without a doubt he is an amazing drummer and teacher and I’m grateful with him for all the knowledge and advices that he has gave me."

Phil Desrochers Canada

"Stephane gave me the passion to rediscover my instrument. His approach, with a lot of humanity, inspired me to put so much beneficial time to practice and improve my playing. The Free stroke, Moeller technique, Open hand playing, etc., are new vocabulary to me. Stephane is not only a really good player but also a real motivator. I'll follow Stephane's instructions religiously."

Nina Para Brazil

"I met Stephane in 2013 and since then have been studying with him. He provides high quality lessons, an enormous knowledge of the drums, a huge content, great patience, and persistence in seeing the student learn. I recommend his lessons for every student at any level."


Stephane has presented hundreds of clinics and masterclasses in stores, camps and festivals, thrilling audiences globally. He has traveled to The United States, Canada, Taiwan and China over the past ten years and is sponsored by Mapex DrumsSabian CymbalsVic Firth SticksShure Microphones and Evans Drumheads. He has performed at the International Cape Breton Drum Festival, at the Taipei International Percussion Summer Camp (Taipei National University of the Arts), at the Da Dong Tian Xia Music Concert (Shanghai Grand Theatre), at the Shanghai International Percussion Camp and at the Batuka International Drumfest 2013 (Sao Paulo, Brazil). Steph is also very involved in school clinics and loves to share his knowledge and passion with everybody. Stephane remains committed to delivering the highest level of Drum Set education on any scale.

Steph on Drum Guru

Drum Guru™ is an app for Apple’s iPad and iPhone and Google Android that features lesson “packs” taught by pro drummers demonstrating great grooves, fills, and sharing other insights and techniques. Drum Guru™ is the only app of its kind that features real, pro drummers teaching you one-on-one their signature grooves, licks and fills! Each lesson pack features a “Lesson Mode” and “Practice Mode”. In Lesson Mode, you will see a video demonstrating the lesson. You can hit the 1/2 speed button to actually slow down the video in both normal size and also in full screen. In Practice Mode, you will find the lesson written out and can hear it played. You can also pause, loop, and adjust the tempo so you can better learn the lesson.


In this pack, Stephane Chamberland shares ideas on how to develop musical and creative fills by applying rhythmic and orchestration concepts to the patterns that appear in your grooves. He begins by taking the 3:2 son clave rhythm and applying it to a groove. In the first lesson Stephane plays the groove and then isolates the clave rhythm on snare drum. The second lesson explores the different sound and voicing options available on the full drumset using just this one rhythm. Lesson three adds ghost notes and different orchestrations on the cymbals to the same rhythm, while lesson four adds double strokes between the principal notes of the rhythm. In lesson 5 a different rhythm is used to demonstrate the use of diddles in a groove and related fills. Stephane then incorporates flams into the fill.

Click here to get more info about this pack buy it for only 2.99USD and make sure you download the App.

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Stephane Chamberland plays Chick’s Pain during a clinics Cegep...
Steph was in clinic at Cegep Saint-Laurent in Montréal. It was a big pleasure for Steph to meet all the drummers. Thank you to Mario Roy who made that possible. A huge thanks to my sponsor: Sabian, Mapex, Promark, Evans, Shure and Gonbops. Chick's Pain is from Mathieu Fiset on the album RoboJazz. / Steph était en clinique au Cégep Saint-Laurent à Montréal. Ce fut un immense plaisir pour lui de rencontrer les batteurs. Merci à Mario Roy qui a rendu cette clinique possible. Un immense merci à mes commanditaires: Sabian, Mapex, Promark, Evans, Shure et Gonbops. Chick's Pain a été composé par Mathieu Fiset sur l'album RoboJazz.
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Original music, world Jazz with Julian Gutierrez (piano an Voice), Jean François Martel (bass), Stephane Chamberland (drums) and Thiago Ferté (sax). / Des compositions originales, jazz du monde en compagnie de Julian Gutierrez au piano et voix, Jean François Martel à la basse, Stéphane Chamberland au drums et Thiago Ferté au saxophone tenor. ... See MoreSee Less

Souper jazz avec Julian Gutierrez projet

Apr 28, 7:30pm

Orford Musique

Des compositions originales, jazz du monde en compagnie de Julian Gutierrez au piano et voix, Jean François Martel à la basse, Stéphane Chamberland au drums et Thiago Ferté au saxophone tenor

Stephane Chamberland's Setup

Mapex Black Panther Drums, Blaster & Velvetone

  • 1. 14 x 5.5” Retrosonic Snare Drum
  • 2. 16 x 14” Floor
  • 3. 12 x 8” Tom
  • 4. 14 x 12” Floor
  • 5. 10 x 7” Tom
  • 6. 18 x 16” Bass Drum

Evans Drumheads

  • UV1, G1 or Calftone on Snare Drums
  • Calftone on tops of Toms
  • J1 Coated on bottoms of all Toms
  • Hazy 300 on bottoms of Snare Drums
  • EQ4 (Coated/Clear) or Calftone on Bass Drum
  • Calftone on front of Bass Drum

Sabian Cymbals

  • A. Sabian Crescent 22” Distressed Ride
  • B. Sabian 14” HH Big and Ugly King Hats
  • C. Sabian 10” AAX Air Splash
  • D. Sabian Crescent 22” Element Ride
  • E. Sabian 16” HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash
  • F. Sabian 22” Custom Shop Flat Ride with an 8” HHX Splash (top)

Shure Microphones

  • Shure Beta-52A for the Bass Drum
  • Shure Beta-98AMP/C for Toms or Beta-27
  • Shure SM-57 or Beta-56A for the Snare Drums
  • Shure KSM-44A/SL or KSM-141, KSM 137/SL as Over Heads
  • Shure In-Ear Monitors P6HW
  • Shure Earphones SE535


Steph uses Promark Sticks and all Gonbops Bells and Percussions.

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