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Driving in NYC, Check! / Conduire dans NYC, fait! #newyork #newyorker #newyorklife #manhattan #nyc # ... En voir plusEn voir moins

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Denis Chamberland, Greg Estabrooks et 4 autres aime cela

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Teaching on Skype from New York. This is amazing to be able to use a mobile setup like this one. / Cours Skype à partir de New York. La joie d'un "setup" mobile comme celui là. # newyork #newyorkdrummer #skype #realfeel #evansdrumheads #vicfirth #manhattan #apple #stephchamberland ... En voir plusEn voir moins

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Canadian Musician May/June 2015
Steph’s first article about The Mystery of Great Musical Drum Solos in Canadian Musician May-June 2015. / Premier article de Steph dans la revue Canadian Musician Mai-Juin 2015 au sujet des mystères des solo de batterie.
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Features: Randy Bachman's Heavy Blues, Back Roads & Backstage on tour with Brett Kissel, Crisis or Evolution? Discussing the state of Canada's Music Industry, Red, Green & Blues our 2015 guitar focus